Password Set/Reset Request

Your password code will be sent to you via the contact info you supply on the next page.

This process will set your password for:
  • Your PSU work computer
  • Outlook
  • GUS
  • GusNET (Secure Wireless)
  • Administrative System (Admin System, IBM, SSH)
  • GusMail
  • Canvas
  • dotCMS
  • Document Imaging
  • VPN

Please note: If you have downloaded the MS Office suite to any of your personal devices (computer, tablet, or smart phone) you need to update your password on these devices as well. If you do not, you will get locked out of your accounts because of unsuccessful login attempts.

If you do not have the appropriate information on file, you will need to contact the Gorilla Geeks Help Desk, on campus in 109 Whitesitt at 620-235-4600 or to get your password code.